The State Employment Service of Ukraine

The State Employment Service of Ukraine is a special agency established to implement the employment policy and to provide the citizens with the adequate guarantees throughout Ukraine. The State Employment Service is governed by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The State Employment Service acts pursuant to the Law of Ukraine “On Employment of Population” and the Regulation “On State Employment Service” adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution of 24 June 1991.

Principal assignments:

  1. To develop and implement actions executing the State employment policy, ensuring employment of working-age population and providing unemployment benefits.
  2. To study on a regular basis the processes at labour market, in professional employment and professional training, to develop the necessary projections to set and take measures aimed at labour market and labour force load regulation.
    3. Intelligent and efficient use of the State Employment Promotion Fund.
    4. To monitor compliance with employment legislation by State authorities, NGO, institutions and organisations regardless of their business and ownership type.