‘The State Land Cadastral Centre of Ukraine’

The state-owned enterprise ‘The State Land Cadastral Centre of Ukraine’ (SLC Centre) was established pursuant to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution no. 1355 dated 2 December 1997 “On Establishment of an Automated System for State Land Cadastral Maintenance”. SLC Centre reports to the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine and is a state-owned enterprise performing governmental assignments related to land reform completion and land cadastre creation in Ukraine.

SLC Centre is comprised of 25 branches in all regional centres, Kyiv and Sevastopol municipal branches and 325 district or municipal production sites throughout Ukraine.  The Centre employs about 3,700 people.

SLC Centre mission is to support providing true information on land by the State of Ukraine.

The principal SLC Centre activity lines are:

  • land survey, land assessment, topographic, geodesic and map-making works throughout Ukraine;
  • development, implementation and administration of hardware and software systems for the State land cadastre maintenance including the State land plot registry;
  • data population of the State land cadastre.

The SLC Centre is the only nation-wide organisation capable of execution of the assignments related to the State land cadastre system establishment.