life:) is Astelit JSC brand for GSM-900 and GSM-1800 mobile communication services provided in Ukraine since 24 January 2005. The network covers the entire Ukraine territory.

On 23 February 2015 Life:) has won the tender for 3G licence under UMTS-2100 technology.

In June 2006 life:) was the first in Ukraine to be named Best New Company of the World by the prestigious Stevie® Awards.

According to Astelit JSC data as of 1 October 2014 their subscriber base amounted to 13.5 million.

On May 2015 life:) became the first company on the Ukrainian telecommunication market to launch third generation network in Ukraine on the basis of 3G+ technology. 3G+ standard is the peak of 3G evolution as of today. The latest 3G+ technology together with the most modern equipment and life:) best frequencies provides the downloading speed up to 63.3 Mbps.

(Примеч. пер. Это более новые данные с сайта компании)

life:) set the record average throughput on 2G network base station controller level of 132.8 kbps, whereas the highest global throughput in this category is 129.09 kbps. It should be noted that the average network-wide throughput is 127 kbps, and some base stations show as high throughput as 256 kbps! The average data volume in life:) network is 388 GB per base station controller, whereas the global average is 59 GB.