StarLight Media

StarLight Media is the biggest group at the Ukrainian broadcasting market.

Currently StarLight Media has over 30% market share, which is 52% more than the runner-up competitor. The difference is 62% in terms of subscribers with average and above average income. The TV assets of the group is more than one-third of the market: namely, 6 broadcasting channels linked to all audiences, STB, ICTV, Novy Kanal, М1, М2, QTV, and powerful Internet offering.

The media group has three sales houses: StarLight Sales (selling direct advertising on the group TV channels), StarLight Brand Content (selling sponsorship and product placement ), and StarLight Digital Sales (selling online advertising on the group and partner web sites). Commercial brands are serviced by StarLight Commercial Production company producing advertising and sponsor materials. High quality in-house production is our strong point. The grou has two production companies, StarLight Films and Vavёrka Production in its composition. StarLight Rental (rents equipment for shooting) and StarLight Scenery(produces scenery sets and mounts shooting areas) are focused on the group stations and external customers.

StarLight Media group means 15 companies joint around high quality and emotional media content production and broadcasting.