State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the body governing public railway transport, accomplishing centralized management of the transportation process in inland and interstate communication and regulating railway industrial and economic activity.

Ukrainian railway transport is key branch in the road transport system that provides 82% freight transport and nearly 50% passenger traffic, accomplished by all kinds of transport.

The Ukrainian railways working network totals to over 22 000 kilometres, 45% of which are electrified. In terms of traffic flow Ukrainian railways occupies the fourth place in Eurasia, ranking below to railways of China, Russia and India.  Ukrainian rail traffic volume (year flow of traffic on 1 km) is 3-5 times higher than that of developed European countries.

1497 railway station, 55 engines and 48 wagon depots, 110 permanent way division, 69 warning and communication division, 44 energy supply communication divisions are functioning on the railways.