Conference “Cybersecurity for critical infrastructures”

On 2 June in Kiev a practical conference dedicated to the protection of critical infrastructures against today’s cyber threats will be held. The organizers are BAKOTECH and BMS Consulting in a partnership with Intel and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) with the support of SigmaBleyzer.

In December 2015 a series of successful cyber-attacks targeted on the Eneregy and Media sectors of Ukraine took place, which demonstrated high vulnerability of a critical infrastructure, and spurred on to the need to learn lessons.

The event will feature eight reports and will hold a panel discussion based on Black Energy attacks. The conference will consider the applied aspect of the implementation of security solutions for the prevention of cyber-attacks.

Date: 2 June 2016.

Place: Baseyna str, 6 , Mandarin Plaza, 8th floor, SigmaBleyzer conference-hall.

Registration to the event is mandatory by the link:

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