CEAP (Certified Enterprise Architecture Partner)
DASP (Authorized Service Provider)  EC EMEA – Enterprise Solutions (Sales)
Preferred Partner
Onboarding – EC EMEA (права продажи)
EC EMEA – Storage Competency Sales
EC EMEA – Enterprise Solutions (Technical)

Elite Corporate Reseller

Dell is one the largest computer vendor,  it is one Fortune 1000 list. Dell products are affordable, robust and have excellent features.

Quest Software is a part of Dell selling comp-uter software. The company provides innovative tools improving performance and security of the software, data bases, Windows and virtual infrastructure. Quest Software IT infrastructure management products enable extending, improve and streamline enterprise solutions in four strategic areas: system management, security, business intelligence and applications. The product help IT organisations to optimise operations, improve personnel performance and get faster results.

World Headquarters:  United States.