Business process automation and increasing the efficiency

Decision to implement a company-wide paperless document flow system to create, process, edit, transmit, receive, store, use and remove documents in electronic form allows optimising all business processes related to document receipt, processing and transfer.


Electronic document flow supports document circulation in electronic form and replacement of paper documents by their digital versions, automation of document agreement and approval processes, establishment of notification system for document processing stakeholders. We offer a comprehensive set of solution implementation services: current business processes, document flows and IT infrastructure analysis, electronic document flow architecture design, software products choice and development, product testing and documenting. Implementing the electronic document flow in the company means significant savings on office resource provision, internal processes acceleration, personnel performance and overall business efficiency improvement.


Microsoft SharePoint & K2



Customer relationship management system is a tool necessary to grow your sales and customer loyalty.


If your company is selling goods or services to a broad range of customers sustainable business growth requires a system capable of activities accounting, event planning, sales funnel follow-up, marketing processes and tools implementation and performance measurement. Having implemented CRM companies increase sales by tens of times, as customer interaction processes become co-ordinated and consistent, and sales people get more time and motivation for effective contacts with the customers. Your customers appreciate your care and respond by improving their loyalty, shaping the positive company image and broader brand awareness on the market.

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