Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

The optimal solution for organizations that have at least 250 users or devices and who want to acquire cloud services and on-premise software licenses under a single agreement.

Agreement Enterprise Agreement is designed for organizations that want to buy a license for the software and cloud services for a period not less than three years, while reducing initial costs and forecast annual software budget for the next three years.

In addition, Enterprise Agreement allows you to pay for purchases in installments in three annual payments instead of one down and saving up to 45%.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is:

Simplified purchasing process with a predictable payment scheme under a single agreement for cloud services and the local software;

Daylight licensing model solely on the number of users and simplify licensing by eliminating accounting devices;

The ability to use Microsoft cloud services, local software, or a combination of these solutions, and migrate on your own terms;

Round the clock technical support, access to the latest software and technology advice for the implementation, end-user training and technical expertise, access to unique technologies in the framework of the  Software Assurance program;

License management throughout the life of the agreement with our certified professionals;

Maximum savings through the deployment of a common IT platform for the entire organization.


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