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Electronic archive is an automated system of a structured storage of electronic documents.

Systematization of information through the electronic archive solves the following problems:

  • Structured storage of electronic documents by clients, transactions, business processes;
  • Determination of the physical location of paper documents;
  • Granting access to documents based on the rights of users and external systems;
  • Reducing the risk of losing the document information using their versioning;
  • Unification process of working with primary documents

Electronic archive is especially important for large companies and holdings, where thousands of different documents pass through the organization on a daily basis. Our solution will enable customers to store electronic files with detailing to the transactions; to control the receiving  of back-office paper-based documents, as well as their movement; to identify documents with unique labels, and search documents over them;

Решение отличается:

  • Удобным пользовательским веб-интерфейсом, разработанным с учетом использования на узких каналах связи;
  • Возможностью интеграции со смежными системами для предоставления документов на просмотр;
  • Простой адаптацией бизнес-логики приложения к широкому спектру бизнес-процессов.

Используемые технологии:

ASP.Net; Microsoft SQL Server; Active Directory integration; ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine



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A comprehensive system of flexible office space management allows you to create a free working environment and significantly save on office costs.

Office space usage  is far from ideal in most companies. Placement of of employees is assymetric, large amount of workplaces is constantly empty due to the fact that  employees are on business trips, in hospital or work remotely. It is impossible to separate the individual workspaces in the procees of new teams formation, and the process of searching the available meeting rooms or colleagues fraught runs with difficulties.

Implementation of Smart Office concept allows you to completely get rid of the fixed workplaces. Employees will be able to choose their own jobs dynamically for a more flexible and efficient operation process.  At the same time all the corporate IT services follow the employee and are available with no additional effort on his part. Combining modern Smart Printing technology, VOIP, VDI, NFC and an interactive control system, as well as the universalization of the working space halve the cost office maintenance, loyalty and creativity of employees increases, which enables businesses to achieve incredible success.

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